Celtic Stainless Steel & Black PVD Forever Bangle Thin

Regular price $240.00

Bangle - Bracelet - Stainless steel - 2mm black PVD stainless stainless steel cable

Fashion forward and with subtle insignia, the FOREVER Thin range comprises slim bangles, rings, earrings and necklace that are highly wearable for everyday and have timeless appeal. The stainless steel cable is wound neatly between two rims, rather like the thread on a couturier’s bobbin, adding distinctive style and a luxe design detail.

Solid and delicate, masculine and feminine, rough and smooth, CHARRIOL loves to play with opposites to create some of its most exquisite pieces. The slender modern bangles can be grouped as a cluster or worn individually on the wrist of a strong, confident woman.

S 15.5 6.1
M 16.5 6.5
L 17.5 6.9
XL 18.5 7.2